Our projects are wide ranging in profile and purpose.  However our projects and clients vary, we approach them with the same ethos, and specifically, we mutually agree specific outcomes by which our achievement is the measure of success for our clients and partners.  

Whilst a menu of our subject matter domain knowledge may give some view of our competencies, we've also described some of our recent projects to give a richer picture of what we do and how we work.  Some recent projects include:

cross border payments through partnerships


Recent mandated change from Chinese authorities has changed the perception of and the ability to transact with China. 

A leading financial institution in the People's Republic of China wants to attract new major European clients' business, without direct investment on the ground.

A specialist area for us, we were able to connect European institutions at a C-Level on a partnership basis, with the right subject matter experts at hand, and develop a new way of transacting together by leapfrogging the competitive correspondent banking model and delivering a more automated solution.

We have selected an initial European institution who have completed contracts and all formalities for a transactional solution and we are now in a testing phase with positive early signs, and expect to launch their service.


Cross border remittances continue to grow in volume worldwide, and the vast array of single country to country providers operate low margin services which challenge the major providers to compete.

A major remittance organisation in the UK, with double digit market share and which continue to operate and grow successfully, wanted to improve their business performance into certain areas of Africa and Asia.    

Step one was to achieve a better currency acquisition and settlement to their existing network.  Step two was to achieve a new business model with different economics to deliver the service to these high growth markets.

We have achieved stage one and saving circa 18% from their previous arrangements.  Currently step two is in live testing, and provides instant bank, cash, and mobile payments for the first rollout market in Nigeria.